Anti-Fraud Policy

We know that fraud is a key concern for the buyers and sellers engaged in internet transactions. Being a responsible business, we want to protect our customers as well as our business from fraud in every possible means. We show no tolerance towards any type of fraud and dishonesty and are committed to fight them to the fullest extent.


We process your payments through PayPal and Google Checkout systems that are well known and secure payment processing solutions that operate intelligent systems which look for suspicious transactions or usage patterns. We do not access or store your payment card details under any circumstances.

Access to any critical information on our website is secured using industry standard encryption mechanism called SSL (Secure Socket Layer). A locked padlock icon in your browser indicates the page is secure.

If you think that a payment made to is incorrect or has not been processed, please let us know immediately.


We monitor patterns of website usage behaviour as a measure to detect and prevent fraudulent usage of this website. We also record the IP address of users’ computers during sign-up and order placement activities to gather evidence that can be used against fraud.


We process an order only after we receive a legitimate payment, which may affect delivery times. Sometimes we may contact you to verify the order and any payment made towards it to protect you.


We are committed to probe and prosecute all kinds of attempted fraud as well as any illegitimate use of this website to the fullest extent the law allows. This may include criminal prosecution in addition to the recovery of losses and costs.