BlueSky Card Information

bluesky calling card

BlueSky £5.00

Blue Sky £5 Free talk time international calling card gives FREE TALK TIME to around 50 countries including China, India, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Most of Europe and many more. Very cheap rates to other destinations.
Value: £5.00
Our Price: £5.00

BlueSky Calling Card UK Access Numbers

Local Access
  • 0330 993 5046
  • London: 0208 150 5046
  • Birmingham: 0121 270 4027
  • Glasgow: 0141 404 3048
  • Manchester: 0161 241 6039
Free Access
  • 0800 786 0417

To make a call

  • Dial one of the preferred access numbers
  • Enter your pin code: xxxxxxxxxx
  • Dial the destination number: 00 + country code + city code + phone number + #

Call Features

To make another call Press ##
To redial Press  *1
To check balance Press  *9
To save PIN Press  *4
To remove PIN Press  *5

Customer Service (Dial4Cheap customers only)

TTerms and Conditions

  • Card valid for 30 days from first use.
  • Calls are charged ‘per minute’ for calls.
  • Connection and maintenance fees may apply.
  • Service provider may change fees & tariff without prior notification.

Rates are based on a card value of £5 on Local access ( 0207 / 0208 ) only. The card expires in 30 days from 1st usage. Billing is per minute. Connection and maintenance fees may apply. Third party service provider may charge for the usage of access numbers. Rates are effective from 26-Nov-2013 and can be amended at any time without prior notice. We do not hold any responsibility for the change in number of minutes. *Fair usage policy, maximum 2100 minutes from Local access number and a 20 pence minimum charge is applicable to UNLIMITED/FREE calls. The connection fee is depending on the destination called, time of the call, the length of the call and the access number used. Calling from free access will be charge 2p additionally. Charges may vary from public and mobiles phones. A payphone surcharge of 15p per minute will be applicable if calls are made from this type of telephone. By using this card you agree to the above terms and conditions. E & OE